U.S. Bank Account Charged Even After it is Closed 3 Years Ago. I Could Not Apply For New Account

Closed an account THREE YEARS AGO. The account was charged after the account was closed with out my knowledge and sent to charge off. I ended up paying the charge off.
I went to apply for a loan and a new account elsewhere and I could not apply because the banking system showed it had not been paid. I was in the branch in Oshkosh, WI for HOURS, only to be told that since it shows paid in THEIR system there is nothing they can do.

The other bank requires a letter to show it has been paid and so far USBank has REFUSED.
I’ve been ignored, hung up on, and put on hold for nearly an hour when I’ve tried to call the branch.

This was YOUR mistake and because of it, you are holding my financial future hostage. I literally cannot bank anywhere until this is corrected.

If this is not corrected, my attorney will be involved.

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