Merrick Bank Increases the Late Charges Without Notice

So I get a notice that the “bank” has decided that late charges will jump from $27 to $39 and there is nothing I can say or do about it.

So I ask, but we had a written agreement of the terms of the amount and the interest you are charging so now you tell me that in the “terms and conditions” you have a clause that basically says you can change whatever you want , whenever you want.

The associate said yes. I said, you don’t see anything wrong in my , let’s say, loaning you $50 and in writing say after all is said and done I want $60 but then a month or whatever time down the road I get it into my head to say, know what, I changed my mind, I now want $275. So according to you that is ok because the terms and conditions say so. This is just wrong. I don’t want to hear legalese, this is just wrong.

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