How to find Student Loan Account Number, Servicer, Balance, Status & Interest Rate

How to Check my student loan information in NSLDS (National Student Loan Data System). I want to:

  • Find My Student Loan Details
  • Find My Student Loan Account Number
  • Find Student Loan Servicer Details & Contact Number
  • Find How Much I Owe in Student Loan
  • Find My Student Loan Interest Rates and Terms
  • Find My Current Loan Status & Repayment Plans
  • Find My Student Loan Forgiveness Program and Eligibility
Asked on July 16, 2019 in Loans.
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      Federal Student Loans – Find Information through NSLDS Website

      For federal loans, you can find all your student loan details including account number, servicer, repayment plan, balance, status, etc. through the website of NSLDS (National Student Loan Database System).

      NSLDS is the centralized database of student aid managed by the Department of Education. To know the details about your federal loan:

      1. Visit NSLDS Website (
      2. Click on “Financial Aid Review” Link
      3. Read and Accept the Privacy Terms & Conditions
      4. Login to NSLDS using FSA ID. Use the same username password created at the time of FAFSA signing. (If you don’t have the FSA ID, create the one by clicking on “Create FSA ID option”)
      5. After login, you can check your loan details including servicer, contact detail of lender, interest, outstanding balances etc.

      Find Your Private Student Loan Servicer

      You can’t find your private loan details on the NSLDS website. You can get the information about your private loan servicer by checking your credit report.

      • You can check your credit report free at
      • After getting the information of your Loan Servicer/Holder, you can visit the website of the loan servicer.
      • Just create an account on loan servicer’s website and get the information about the outstanding loan, interest, repayment plan etc.
      • You can connect your bank account and make automatic online payments.
      • Normally, you get 0.25% interest rate deduction when you choose the auto-payment option.
      • If you don’t want to choose the auto-payment option then you can subscribe for payment due date notifications or alerts.


      Answered on July 17, 2019.
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