Fedloan Servicing – My Student Loan is not paid off even at the time of my retirement

I am a single father and I have paid over $16,000.00 on a $10,000.00 dollar loan and my balance is still over $36,000.00. I made $19,000.00 in 2017, I am 57 years old and my health is failing. I work part time for the Catholic Church and recently had to quit my job at the Catholic School due to health reasons since my medicade was cancelled.

In 2012 $1,080.00 which was a child tax credit for the year was taken for interest on this student loan. In 2013 $1,063.00 which was a child tax credit was taken for interest on this student loan and none of the garnishment were taken off my loan balance which originated with Sallie Mae.

Now I just received a letter today from the bureau of the fiscal services keeping $4,044.00, I was expecting for my son. How do you justify keeping a child tax credit from a household that is below poverty? How do you people sleep at night? How can you continue to steal from hard working people. I worked two jobs and can’t make ends meet, well no more, bankruptcy, I’m quitting work and “your taxes” can pay for me from now on. 

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