Deposited $500 with US Bank But Not Credited in My Account

My husband made a $500 cash deposit with US Bank. After he put the bills in the atm it shut down. So now I have no credit and the only thing they will Do it dispute our deposit? How is that legal? They can just hang in to our money until they feel like checking the atm.

First guy told me it could be up to 45 days the second told me up to 10 business days. So because their machine messed up we are just out of our money. Mind u every one I talked to gave me another number to call to see if the could do a credit until the dispute is over. This is a new account for us and I would never in 100 years refer anyone to US BANK. Worst customer service ever. How is it legal to just keep someone s money until they get around to looking into it?

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